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Besides, our parents are gonna bite us, after all, if they put clothes on us, they must have a pretty good reason. The Animated Series — Lil stares at Tommy, then at Phil, and then, down at herself, realizing what Tommy is asking about. Sitcom Coming of age. If your baby laughs at inappropriate moments, press one, now! Retrieved 6 July Stu runs to answer it, to find Peter standing there.

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Tommy Pickles

He also appears to be the smartest of the babies. Turns out because Kimi refused to get dressed for bed, going to sleep with no diaper or pajamas on, she ended up royally wetting the bed, and getting a chill. Once Kira catches her breath, and Chas pulls his enhailor out of his pocket, feeling an Asthma attack coming on, Kira, ready to give up, carries Kimi up to bed, still naked, placing her down in her crib and shuts off the lights. Didi is seen putting a purple shirt on to Spike when Stu walks into the living room, looking surprised. I know Spike's naked, I know Reptar's naked, but we're not aminals and we've gots to wear clothes! Kimi simply let out a small smile, as she grabbed up Super Thing, and ran to the kitchen, where her mommy gave her a big bowl of Miso soup. Cartoons — You're On!

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