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Since Wendy's identifies its voice as a "challenger with charm," banter and pushing people a bit on social media is totally acceptable. Turns out, Brown — who has been working for Wendy's since and might just be one of the coolest damn people on the planet — along with her community response team of two other witty Wendy's employees responsible for the hilarity. Though Brown admitted she feels a little bad about the unexpected attention Thuggy-D has been getting following the exchange, she said she and Wendy's are glad to see he's taken the humor and viral fame in his stride. Brown has a freaking mad job and she's clearly killing it, but she told Mashable that sass wasn't always kind to her. Food breathalyzer for your phone can tell which foods give you indigestion. Brown told Mashable she's also responsible for composing the tweet that sparked one of the biggest battles of After Twitter users recently discovered the account was epically clapping back to unsatisfied customers on the platform, the curious burger-lovers of the world began to wonder who exactly the masterminds behind the lol-worthy and seemingly unfiltered tweets are.

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This became abundantly clear to the world on Jan.

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Wendy's Twitter account still has fresh, never frozen beef with the world. Before Mashable even spoke with Wendy's prodigal tweeter, we could tell she was a straight up joy. What makes Wendy's tweets stand out is the fact that its community response team doesn't play by any of those unspoken social media rules concerned with brand etiquette. Thuggy-D, for example, shared his respect on Twitter for the brand that destroyed him. As a viral Twitter icon and winner of the Community Manager Appreciation Day's Funniest Community Manager awardBrown stressed that having a strong sense of who you are and what your voice is is a crucial component of successful social media posting. Whether they're honoring a request to rap, shutting down people who name-drop fast food competitors or creating Twitter bios for lazy fans, the account is both refreshing and entertaining as hell.

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