Brother dating my ex

Since they didn't even bother to talk to you about it, it shows just how much they care. But from what I hear from our parents, he took that as I might be okay with it sometime. I dated my ex-girlfriend's sister for about a month. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. I need some expert opinions from RH on this situation.

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And if my sister still decided to pursue the relationship despite me asking her not to, I think that would cause a rift in our relationship.

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My Ex is Dating My Brother

And I've just thought of soemthing else. I think she is just being a spiteful bitch trying to cause hard feelings between me and my lil-bro. We broke up because she had to move away. After six months, I knew things between them were serious. Alright bro, don't listen to me.

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brother dating my ex
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brother dating my ex
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3 thoughts on “Brother dating my ex

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