Nude in front of window

In short, what saves you from prosecution is that there are no witnesses to your nudity that you could reasonably foresee. I noted the threat title was misleading, which it indeed is as he was not arrested for being naked inside his house. However I do not plan to walk in front of my windows while I am naked. Similarly analogies about texting while driving fail miserably due to the fact that a higher duty of care is attributed to operating a motor vehicle than it is to possessing genitals. Last I looked backsides of all humans were perfectly fine for viewing by societal standards. Good, 'cos it's not right; planes to a far greater degree than cars can take care of themselves quote:

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Viriginia law requires intent for public indecency, so I suspect the guy will get. To see that in poor light, through a window, with enough clarity to swear out a criminal complaint about it implies she either took her time to stare and make damn sure he really wasn't wearing any pants, or she was lawfully trespassing so close to the house that she practically had her puritanical nose up against his window! PDF Note the requirement here rest on what the actor "should know is likely". More of your inability to read for comprehension at work here I suspect. There are plenty of things that are illegal for you to do in your home. In the UK perhaps, but we're not talking about the UK here. Have you looked at the video or pictures of his house?

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