Matchmaking group gold heroes and generals

I don't think so. At the beginning just after the first spawn when your enemies capture their objective, theres no fight in the 2 first min!!! It seems that players are not interested to cap and defend objectives, they have better to do somewhere else If I look back I must be quite a noob and annoying team mate back then. I mean in a 18 players team, we're included myself only like guys trying to cap objectives!!!! You can find the Chat icon below in the left corner, you can find your friendlist next to the chat icon. Simple Vets in staged are not there to play the game.

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In my opinion, you should buff a bit the XP earning not as much because i think it's not really the problem.

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New Player Levels and Matchmaking Groups for improved Player Progression

Already have an account? Edited December 20, So i'm a XII player level and i'm very afraid to see that ever in a gold matchmaking group: The most important thing in an invasion is to have ground troops who can controll the land. I basically never bother with capping in staged. There are 4 different matchmaking groups, TrainingBronzeSilver and Gold. Now you keep 15 XP from this and the 15 others goes to the soldier which defend the tank!!!!

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matchmaking group gold heroes and generals
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matchmaking group gold heroes and generals
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3 thoughts on “Matchmaking group gold heroes and generals

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